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Silversun Pickups
Live @ Pipeline Cafe

Had a bit of a busy week, so I'm finally getting to post this now.

Anyway, last Saturday, I saw Silversun Pickups at Pipeline Cafe.

Ridiculous. My ears are still recovering. They're ringing now, so that's good.

But it was awesome! And I got rail! In front of Nikki! The opening band was this band called Satellite Grey and they freaking rocked the joint. Local music, woot. I've got their first album "Mirror Transmission" and it is NICE. I hope to catch them live in concert sometime.

I didn't score a setlist, but that's alright. They opened with Growing Up is Getting Old, which was awesome. Nikki on bass! In front of me! She's so adorable. Then, I think it was Well Thought Out Twinkles...then The Royal We somewhere in there. They did do Kissing Families which was lovely. Yelling the lyrics back at Brian was pretty glorious. Speaking of Brian, he's pretty ridiculous live. They all are. But I think him even more so. Cause Joe is all bent over his keyboards, Nikki's all stoic, but cute. And Chris...well wait. Chris is mental on the drums too. Hair all going over the place. That guy is a beast. I swear on the last song (I think Common Reactor) he hit his cymbal (that was set way high) so hard, the stand swayed a bit. Chris is mental.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Brian gave a shout out to a local band called the Jump Offs, who he had seen at First Friday the day before the gig. That was pretty sweet. I've caught The Jump Offs twice (opening for Of Montreal and MGMT), and they're good. They're supposed to be releasing an album next month, I believe.

Back to SSPU---they also played Substitution, It's Nice to Know You Work Alone, Catch & Release, There's No Secrets This Year followed by The Royal We, Kissing Families (sweet!). There's a few more songs in there, but they closed the main set with Panic Switch and Lazy Eye. I recorded some of Lazy Eye just to capture how ridiculous it all was. Mainly Chris going mental on the drums because you can't really capture that in a still shot. Mostly for experience sake. The sound on that was pretty crappy. But ZOMG, Panic Switch and Lazy Eye. Lazy Eye. I died. I sort of regretted recording when Brian screams out "SUNSHINE". But I was right with him, haha. Amazing.

Lazy Eye - video taken by lucky015

He played Rusted Wheel as the first encore, which made me giggle as I mentioned that guy who wanted Brian to play that at the music hall. [Then there was some banter between him and Nikki. Earlier (I forget during which song), she would point at him to take over then he'd be like pointing back at her. And that would go on, haha. After the first encore, Brian starts talking, asking what Nikki had done during the day, commenting on her flower in her hair. Asked her why she was so sunburned. She said she and Joe had gone to Diamond Head and got a certificate. Then he went on a jokey little bit about how we need to support our local ABC Store (which is a touristy chain of stores in Waikiki...the joke being, if you throw a rock from one ABC Store, you'd hit the next one).

The next encore was...Creation Lake. Which, to my understanding, is not played much. So, it was quite lovely seeing Nikki take the mic. I was hoping for Melatonin, and kicked myself for not mentioning it when I saw them Friday. They closed everything out with Common Reactor, complete with Brian playing around with his pedals and effects, and Chris nearly knocking his cymbal stand over.

Creation Lake - video taken by lucky015

It was really exciting and really awesome. I only wish I had more time to acclimate myself with the songs better, but I knew enough...but I still really really loved the gig. Really solid. I have no ears. I think if I had one complaint...sometimes the vocals can get lost (especially Nikki's)...and the keyboard too. Sort of miniscule, because it didn't really matter in the end.

I made my way to the merch table to get a shirt. That was the plan anyway. Once there, I realized they were selling VINYL. 180 gram limited edition vinyl (of Carnavas and Swoon, don't know if Pikul was 180 gram. But it was there for vinyl). I spent $35 on vinyl for Carnavas and Swoon. I also ran into a guy I initially labeled as "Setlist dude." And he said he heard that the band might be signing autographs around the Will Call area. So I ended up wandering around there with a few of my friends. Just tagged around for a little while, though. Decided to leave. I mean, I had already met them the day before, and Brian had his arm around me (which was nice) and I got an autograph and pictures, and the rail...AND vinyl, so it was enough to call it a night.

I have a renewed faith that Hawaii will get good concerts. :) I'm still hoping for Interpol. :D

Anyway BAMP has some sweet shots up: --Here--

Oh and the acoustic sesh that SSPU did for Roadrunner Music Hall is also up: --Here--


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Silversun Pickups
Live @ RoadRunner Music Hall

Yesterday afternoon, I had a date with the Silversun Pickups. The local alternative radio station (STAR 101.9) announced that listeners could win a chance to watch SSPU in a intimate acoustic session at RoadRunner Music Hall. So, I signed up, not sure how the whole thing worked. Wasn't sure if I'd get in, actually. But I did! So, score. What follows here is that whole adventure:

Before I left the house, I was sort of hoping to use my dad's huge truck because I think the transmission on my car is going. I thought he'd be home, but he was out getting something when I rushed down the stairs to go. So, my mom knows my car's sort of testy, and says to wait, but I HAD to go because I had to be at the radio station at a certain time.

So, the car (thankfully) and me got to the area safe and sound. Took me forever to find parking. And I WAS late, and thought maybe I could try to get in anyway. So, I meet up with my friend Chelsea and we try to find the place. But not before we saw Brian hanging out with some guy...Joe was there too, but I didn't see him at first. So, Chelsea and I walk into Dole Cannery and the place is bloody confusing. So we walk back out and decide to ask Brian (cause were were like, "ZOMG, Is that him? IT'S HIM!") where the station was. Seemed plausible enough, seeing as they'd be performing there. So, his friend (maybe it was roadie?) told us.

And we got lost anyway, but eventually found the place, and they let us in! Score. I guess they set the time to be there at 2:30 to make sure the stragglers (like me) would make it anyway.

The room itself was pretty small. There were couches and stuff. If we'd showed up earlier, we could've gotten one. But oh well.


Anyway, the gig! It was nice, the band actually walked past me to get to the stage. Nikki is super adorable! I like, wanted to hug her, but I didn't. Didn't want to weird her out too much.

I was really impressed with how they sounded acoustically. I guess I didn't know it would translate so well that way? But it was really lovely. Brian was hilarious. Just a lot of banter between him and Nikki (and Joe occasionally). Example between Brian and Nikki:

Brian: *asks the audience what's happened in the year or so since they came* *mentions that the US president was from Hawaii* *goes on*
Nikki: What are you talking about?
Brian: *in a soft, whispery voice* Obaaaama. Barack Obama..

There was also a point before they started where Nikki's chair was set too high. And Brian goes, "Why are you sitting so high?" So Nikki tries to adjust the seat, so she's playing around with the handle and bobbing up and down on the seat trying to get it down, and Brian goes, "That's it, sloooowly, slooowly, up...down...." (you get the jist, haha) It was hilarious.


He also picked on Joe a little. At the beginning of It's Nice to Know You Work Alone, Joe does that sound on the keyboard, but this time, it didn't come out, so Brian stops the song and announces to the audience that Joe plays that sound at the beginning that he loves. And Nikki comments that she thought her bass sounded too loud. And Chris is like, "Are we ready yet?" So Brian asks the audience to let out a big cheer when Joe plays what he calls, "the noise."

Brian: Don't you want the NOISE?
Audience: YEAH!
Brian: (to Joe) No pressure.
Joe: *shakes head* *chuckles*

So, when they restarted Work Alone, Joe successfully plays his part, and Brian's all like, in the moment, and of course we all cheer. I hope it's on the video that they post later on. It was really hilarious. Man, I can keep going.

I think I can fall for this band even more. They were so funny, so nice. Brian's actually from Hawaii (Kailua) so he would ask what's happened since. We had a local one-dollar theater close, and he mentioned that. "Restaurant Row closed? [i]Bullsh*t[/i]." And he mentioned how we were getting all these good gigs. And everyone laughed because obviously they are one of those bands, and he was like a little embarrassed, and laughed about that.

Pics of them performing:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket



Growing Old is Getting Old
Well Thought Out Twinkies
The Royal We
It's Nice to Know You Work Alone
Panic Switch
Lazy Eye

Um, after the set, there was a autograph/picture session. So, thinking that that would take place by the stage, Chelsea, myself and these two people we met there lined up at what we thought was the end of the line. Nope. WE WERE IN THE FRONT. FIRST!

So, we got an autographed poster thing. AND I GOT A PICTURE.

I told Nikki that she did awesome. And I think Chelsea was talking to Chris briefly about drums. Then Chelsea and I walked out and were waiting on our new friends, when this guy came out and asked us if we wanted the scrap of paper he was holding. It was the setlist, like handwritten. Of COURSE I took it! Man, I guess I can start a setlist collection now? Hahaha.


Then a girl I met at the BOH concert caught up with me. So random! She even won the Les Paul guitar that was autographed by the band:

Anyway, it was pretty freaking awesome. They were so friendly, and sweet. Christie (my friend who won the guitar) posed with them and Brian like put his hand on top of her head, then it was covering her eyes, and her face....that was pretty funny. Man, I can't get over how laid back it all was. I mean, yeah, it was SSPU, but it was like your buddies or something. I wasn't nervous around them at all. I was so glad to go to this thing! I can't wait for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get rail, but I'll definitely get on Nikki's side.

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Stand By Me --- Nobody knows...they way it's gonna be

So, I'm actually going to (again) skip doing homework-y things and will focus on something that has just recently happened.

Apparently, Oasis has actually, seriously split up.

Now, being an Oasis fan as long as I have (going on 14 years), hearing rumors of break ups or actually having them "break up" (I cite the numerous times in the 90s and beyond) only to get back together again...well, naturally, I took this with a grain of salt.

So I went along, thinking it wasn't *that* serious, even though I had heard of the major breakdown of Noel and Liam's relationship. I just assumed it would be "okay." I then amused myself by seeing 15 year olds freak out over the break up, when I was like that at that age when Nate Atkinson told me Oasis had split up then. This was after Jason Conklin had told me and I thought he was just trying to rile me up.

Needless to say, the 15 year old me was gutted then. But fast forward many many years later, I felt like I was a veteran of Oasis breakups. I foolishly hoped that it was trivial.

But after a little more research, and seeing my fellow Oasis friends post their reactions...well, my lackadaisical attitude then began to shift. It's taking a while to sink in. At first, I think I was a little "eh." But the more I thought about it, thought about how Oasis affected my life, and how I used to love their music so much (now having a bit of a renaissance again)---well, I began feeling fairly gutted.

Say what you want about Oasis, or the Gallagher brothers in general. They're egotistical, big mouthed, etc etc. I know that. I know they can be and have been jerks. I know that they blatantly rip off their musical heroes (and they actually rip off the good ones...and hey, at least he admits to ripping off those guys). I'm aware of their faults and limitations. They weren't going to be like Radiohead. They were just going to be a straight up rock and roll band. They were going to be Oasis.


That's big guitars, big hooks, anthems. They inspired thousands. Millions.

They touched the life of one insecure 15 year old and told her it "would be okay." They singlehandedly pushed that girl into loving the music, into getting into rock and roll. Although the affection for Oasis was eclipsed by other bands, she never lost that spot in her heart for Oasis.

I've often wondered how it would feel like to have a band I followed so closely, that I loved so much, split up. Many people have seen their favorite bands split, and talk about how anguishing it is. I've not had to experience that. Not until now.

And it does. Suck. To be honest, it's sort of an inconvenience right now, but I feel it may intensify. Especially since I've never seen them live...now I wish I had gone to see them in Vegas or...somewhere in California...somewhere.

I have no doubt that Oasis could reunite again. Just not for a long while. At least, the world will finally hear a true Noel Gallagher solo record.

I think I'll listen to Oasis for the majority of the weekend. Remember the good times, and hope for better.

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Band of Horses @ Pipeline Cafe
(Matt Costa opening)
August 23, 2009

(Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/effinpeaz/sets/72157622017285813/)

I remember the first time I heard Band of Horses, and I remember who turned me on to them. It was 2 years ago, and a friend I knew off of Interpol Online (a forum I regularly post on) told me about them. It was just a normal MSN chat. I remember was downloading as I chatted with her. At one point, she pointed out how the drumming and general aesthetic on "Our Swords" was sort of similar to the effect on Interpol's "Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down." It did have the same sort of floaty feeling...

I'm grateful to that introduction, because Band of Horses became one of my favorite bands that day (not because of that tidbit).

The sound: big. The emotion: real. I knew I wanted to see this band live. The likelihood of it seemed distant, though. I thought I would just see them whenever I make the move to the mainland.

Fast forward a year or two later after that introduction. Hello, Twitter. Hello BAMP Projects. Hello a tweet that says "Band of Horses, August 23rd, Pipeline Cafe. Get Stoked."

Cue me spazzing silently (I think) in my room in the early hours of the morning.

So, this past Sunday, I saw Band of Horses at Pipeline Cafe. And it was awesome. Matt Costa, who I haven't listened to much, admittedly, was the opener. He was very good and I was impressed. I mean, I knew he was good, and I think I'll listen to him more now. My brother's a big fan, so I'll nick some stuff off him, I suppose.

Anyway, Band of Horses. Goshdangawesome.

Ben sounds amazing live. And the band as a whole are solid. Even though they had some technical difficulties, they carried on like pros.

My favorite moments:

1. Them opening with "The First Song" with Ben on the lap steel guitar. I think I would've preferred "Is There a Ghost?" as an opener, but First Song was nice. I did get my wish 2 songs later, though. :D I really really wanted to hear 'Is There a Ghost?" live because it builds so awesome. And I wasn't disappointed. Definitely one of my favorite moments in the concert. Actually, that whole beginning four ("The First Song"/"The Great Salt Lake"/"Is There a Ghost?"/"Weed Party") was sweet.

2. Ben coming out to the crowd during Weed Party. I didn't expect that, but that was pretty cool.

3."No One's Gonna Love You" and "The Funeral". So. amazing. live. I got No One on video, but like a retard, I turned the camera, so the end looks like it's on its side. So, I don't know if I'll get it up to YouTube.

4. Islands on the Coast is very good live. Actually, pretty much everything they performed translates well live. Of course, it's way better because it IS live.

5. "Our Swords" is performed on two basses and the drums. Awesome.

6. Oh, and singing along to "La Dee DAAAH!" when applicable. :D

The guys looked like they were having a lot of fun on stage, enjoying themselves. I do hope they come back to Hawaii! They're definitely a band I'd catch a number of times. I went to the MGMT concert last month, and it was okay, but I don't think I'll do another one (we'll see). But BOH, it's a lock. Honestly, probably the best concert I've been to this year.

At least maybe next time, I'll actually act quick enough to get a picture with Ryan and Tyler if I ran into them again. Mental note to keep grabbing "Will Call" tickets, haha.

So, if you didn't get the jist, the concert was VERY GOOD. Roll on the Silversun Pickups. (I should be spam-listening to them in preparation, to get more accustomed than I am now---but it's hard to wean off the BOH).

Until next post, kiddies.

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Well, Saw Third Eye Blind @ Pipeline on Saturday. PimpBot opened. PimpBot was sweet, really fun. I'll probably get something of theirs in the near future. I had some pictures of them but they're all really blurry and stuff. I was trying to sort out camera settings in that type of environment.

It was really stuffed and cramped getting up the front. I didn't quite get up close as I wanted. I didn't eat before I got there, so I got food. Next time I'm eating before I get there. I'll get a better spot next time for MGMT. Loads of sweaty people too, many wasted. But it was still cool. I went with my brother and other friends but ended going up closer and they stayed back. Easier to move by yourself, anyway. Just follow the moving people. Hee hee.

Anyway! Third Eye Blind. Really really awesome. They hold up well live. I think they really enjoyed that the place was packed. They played a lot of new stuff on the upcoming album (Ursa Major). Sounded really good. Maybe half the set was new stuff. He kept saying, "This is another new one..." which was fine. They played their known stuff inbetween, so that was cool.


Third Eye Blind
Pipeline Cafe - Honolulu, Hawaii
June 29, 2009

Techno intro
Non-Dairy Creamer
Crystal Baller
Can You Take Me
Never Let You Go
Don't Believe A Word
Losing a Whole Year
Why Can't You Be
A Motorcycle Drive By
Jumper (with awesome guitar + drum solos...that drummer is a beast)
Semi-Charmed Life/Ride Wit Me (you know..."hey! must be the money!")

Slow Motion
I Want You Back (Jackson 5 cover)
How's It Going To Be
Bonfire (reprise)

It got pretty funky in places, with some crowd surfing, during points. They played a lot of their old hits (Semi-Charmed Life, Jumper, Never Let You Go). But freaking A, it was amazing. Everyone was totally singing along to those hits. This really drunk lady was next to me slurring that "This is awesome." She was really huggy, but that's sort of what you get when you want to press forward and are a bit friendly. :D

I'd do it again. Bring on MGMT!

My video of 3EB's "I Want You Back":

My version's kind of buzzy. Here's a better version by agiraffeplant:

More vids :

Motorcycle Drive-By (lucky015--had a lot of good vid from the gig):

Losing a Whole Year (lucky015)

Slow Motion (by agiraffeplant)

Semi-Charmed Life (lucky015)

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Wellll...Not quite sure how I manage to keep up with this anymore, but uhm, welcome to the new year? I did start off with listening to Sigur Ros' Hoppipolla as the new year rang in with rain and fireworks--and the year started off well, even though leaning toward the end of 2008, I felt a bit low. Must have been the weather.

In the early hours of 2009, I underwent my annual "Clearing out of iTunes." Spring cleaning, as it were. And of course, I had to screen cap it all. I mean, I think it was pretty crazy--especially the last six months.

The end of year iTunes library: (click on pics for full image)

The total plays for Radiohead, Oasis, and Interpol. Radiohead, of course, coming through in a big way.

Keep in mind, the bulk of the Radiohead plays came within the last six months of 2008. When I tell you I had a MASSIVE addiction, I'm being quite serious.

Anyway, Top 25 of 2008--the top played track was at 700(Radiohead's Jigsaw Falling Into Place). My top played in 2007 was 228 (Interpol's C'mere)

So again, addiction. I think the low count in 2007 was attributed to the fact that I may have not had a computer at some stages. And 2008 saw me getting a Shuffle which aided a lot in keeping a high play count.

Anyway this is the top 25 played in 2008:

For any comparison to 2007, you can look at this post.

The order in which I put music back in:

1. Radiohead (re-bought OK Computer just because, and re-bought Pablo Honey because I forgot to back it up on the external HD)
2. Interpol
3. Oasis
4. Fleet Foxes
5. Bon Iver

Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, because I was in the mood. The only truly required were the first 3...oh and...

6. Muse
7. The Smiths

In any re-adding back into the computer...the first 3 (Radiohead being the recent, but Interpol and especially Oasis are required). Muse and The Smiths are what I suspect will be thrust into the top 10 or 5....I don't know. I can anticipate my listening habits. Radiohead sure came in a big way. I wouldn't have anticipated that they would have become my favorite band. I mean, I've mentioned that I've always admired them, but something changed---and it's a lot different now.

I have iTunes on Shuffle at the moment, and I haven't added anything since The Smiths...maybe Thom Yorke's "The Eraser." I'll hold off for now, though.

Anyway...I leave you with my top 5 at the moment:

1. Your Protector - Fleet Foxes
2. Let Down - Radiohead
3. This Charming Man - The Smiths
4. Skinny Love - Bon Iver
5. Optimistic - Radiohead

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Okay. I haven't posted here in a while, have I?

Bad me, haha. Here's hoping for more regular posts. *crosses fingers*

Well, two classes done in the MBA program, but convinced I have botched at least some of the last project in the last class, but that’s what I get for procrastination, and a badly timed new addiction (Radiohead).

Oh yeah, Radiohead. I love them now. I mean, I’ve always liked them, with OK Computer and The Bends. Always had that admiration, but last Friday (while I was working on my last project), something clicked, and it was a little gradual, going from “All I Need” to “Bodysnatchers” with “Lucky” being the clincher.

I told my friend Kate a few days into this madness--that I think I have underestimated my initial admiration, as I called it. (I couldn’t think of a more appropriate word--I know there’s a better one to describe it). All I’ve listened to in the past week has been Radiohead. I’m serious. Maybe one or two odd listens to some Sigur Ros that used to be on the Shuffle. I say ‘used to’ because now, all that’s on the iPod shuffle is Radiohead.

The funny thing is, sometimes I don’t FEEL addicted. It’s like one part of me is slightly delayed (don’t ask me which part, I don’t even know which parts to begin with). Then I put on something like “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” and I fall again. I still don’t think I’m as nuts as some others, but then again, if confronted with the opportunity to see them live, or better yet, if I were to see them live now, I’d probably cry tears.

I don’t think I’m like super obsessed. I feel fairly intact, I think. Haha.

But as I mentioned to Kate, I’ve underestimated my initial “admiration.” I’m still not sure if it will increase. There’s so much more to delve into. But if what I’m experiencing now is anything similar to how my experience with getting into Interpol was, I’m pretty sure it will grow more intense. Hell, I’ve got a little crush on one of them, even. Do I always have to have a crush on someone in every band I get really addicted to(I throw Interpol and Oasis into this list)? I guess it adds to it, ha.

Anyway. Stuck listening to ‘Paranoid Android’ after watching a few live versions. Colin Greenwood, you and your bass suck. Ihateyou. (And in saying that I mean, “It’s f***ing incredible, thanks.”)

Well, I could blame Radiohead for my sub-par first week in my new class, but it really is an exercise in discipline. I have learned that I cannot CANNOT multitask when Radiohead is playing on my screen. I can have them playing if I’m reading, but that’s about it. I do need to work my butt off to make up for my uber failage this past week.

That means writing this ADR Clause and acing it. All I can say is God bless coffee from a French Press, and stuff. Oh and Radiohead.

I want to play bass.

Anyway, some videos!

Paranoid Android - live at Glastonbury 2003
(It's one of the most incredible bass lines EVER)

Lucky - live at Glastonbury 2003

Exit Music (for a film) - live at Glastonbury 1997
(legendary gig)

Fake Plastic Trees - Live at Glastonbury 2003